The Grumpy Old Guys have known each other since before high school. Way before high school in a couple cases. We played pencil and paper RPGs, saw Star Wars in the theater when it was first released, and watched Battlestar Galactica way back when Starbuck was a guy. We’ve seen a lot of things change over the decades, some for the better and some not, and we’re not shy about sharing our opinions.

Dr. Chris

A board certified anesthesiologist who has butted heads with surgeons across the nation, Dr. Chris is the blunt straight-talker of the group. He won't hold back, can't be intimidated, and doesn't care who might be offended. Now retired from clinical practice, he makes his living as a medical writer at MinaMedCom . You can find his movie reviews at Hate All The Movies , and for the main portal to all things Dr. Chris, check out Dr. Chris TV.


Arguably the least grumpy of the crowd, John brings a level of irrational optimism to the discussion. A lifelong student of the martial arts, John takes fitness seriously and is a certified MovNat trainer. John is currently teaming up with Smoak for the Unclear Thinking biweekly podcast, and you can find his personal writings at


Smoak is the resident console gamer, having followed the PlayStation through its many iterations. He even uses a console controller on PC games that accommodate it. He is an avid movie buff who can tell you the director of photography and screenwriter of your favorite flick. And he’s the sort of insanely avid baseball fan who actually knows what a balk is. You can find his movie reviews at SmoakWorld and his biweekly podcast with John on a multitude of topics at Unclear Thinking.

Professor Al

Professor Al actually is a professor in real life. His day job is teaching college anatomy and physiology. He brings a laid back and understated quality to the group and tends to blunt some of the most heated disputes. He can hold his own in a sports discussion with Smoak, and that's saying something. Other than the Grumpy Guys, Professor Al has no current web presence.