Episode 4 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic was first released in 2011, and adopted a free to play model in 2012. Recently, in 2015, Bioware began releasing content updates formatted as chapters for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. With the new content, The Grumpy Old Guys take a look at this science fiction MMO-RPG to see if it’s worth jumping into, or back into, as the case may be. In addition to the graphics and overall gameplay, The Grumpy Old Guys evaluate the story and assess whether or not the game is truly “free to play.”

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2 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

  1. Roman Mina

    I guess that’s the difference between Grumpy Old Guys and Optimistic Young Cool Guys is that you guys would rather pay for a game than play a free game that asks you to pay. When I’m playing and I have an ugly helmet I call it the “Dunce Cap” but the fact is that I’m okay with playing and not being able to hide my helmet because I’M NOT PAYING THEM! They can ask me for money all they want, but as long as I can play the game for free and it’s got a cool story I’m gonna keep playing it

  2. Dr. Chris Post author

    Well, that’s certainly a valid approach to the game. For us, though, the irritation level was high enough to prevent us from getting any enjoyment from the experience. Sure, it’s free, but if it’s unpleasant, I’m going to do something else.


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