We're grumpy and opinionated and we may just tick you off. (See what we did there? The grammar police are already peeved.) But we like to think we're entertaining. We certainly amuse ourselves. So grab your favorite refreshing beverage and hang out with us for a bit.

Unfettered real estate development and driving your friends into bankruptcy. Yes, Monopoly is on the menu at Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming.

The Grumpy Old Guys get their clone trooper on and kill metric buttloads of homicidal droids in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Embrace the Dark Side and slaughter pretty much everybody in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Tanks and planes and tanks. We check out War Thunder and World of Tanks.

Kate Beckinsale is back as leather clad vampire Selene in Underworld: Blood Wars. Is there any other reason to see it? HateAlltheMovies.com

Been too long since you played a good side-scroller? We check out Expendabros.

Joint the Grumpy Old Guys for a nostalgic recap of all the games of 2016.

Dungeons and Dragons meets Magic: The Gathering in this week's game - Card Hunter.

How much fun can a game that plays itself be? The Grumpy Old Guys take a look at Clicker Heroes.

Become El Presidente and rule your own banana rupublic in Tropico 4.

The Grumpy Old Guys check out the next generation in goat simulation.

Ready to be horrified? Then join The Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming for a look at Deadlight.

Is The Magnificent Seven a good remake? Dr. Chris will tell you at Hate All The Movies.

The Grumpy Old Guys are stranded on a hostile island and fighting for meat in the RPG, Risen.

This week's episode focuses on Deponia, a point and click adventure game.

Dr. Chris takes a closer look at The Tick over at Hate All The Movies.

The Grumpy Old Guys take Pokemon Go out for a walk.

The Grumpy Old Guys take a break from gaming to discuss the new Amazon Pilots: The Tick, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and I Love Dick.

Smoak reviews Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, the latest in the action/adventure series developed by Naughty Dog for the Playstation 4.

The Grumpy Old Guys look back on 4 decades of Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition is the foucs of this week's Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming.

On the fence about upgrading to Windows 10? Maybe the Grumpy Old Guys can help you decide.

Looking for a weird one? Dr. Chris reviews The Lobster.

Players control elemental wizards in this action/adventure game for solo or group play where friendly fire is an issue and you can kill your friends.

What did the Grumpy Old Guys think of the Overwatch open beta? How does it compare to Team Fortress 2? Find out in this week’s show.

We wade into the MOBA genre with League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

Professor Al and Dr. Chris throw down over the merits, or lack thereof, of Hearthstone in this week's Gumpy Old Guys on Gaming.

Dr. Chris and John argue about WoW, WoD, and Legion in this week's Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming netcast.

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Professor Al had so much trouble downloading Elder Sign: Omens. Was it worth it? Find out in this week's episode.

An in-depth examination of the intricate gameplay and philosophical ramifications of the tabletop board game, Chutes and Ladders.

Dr. Chris reviews Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at HateAlltheMovies.com

The first-person shooter Borderlands 2 is in the cross-hairs in this week's Grumpy Old Guys on Gaming.

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A planning session goes off the rails. Dr. Chris is in a bad mood and offends most of the gaming community.

The Grumpy Old Guys review Star Wars: The Old Republic, a science fiction MMO-RPG.

The Grumpy Old Guys harness their collective tech savvy and attempt to download an app.

This week, the Grumpy Old Guys set sail in the naval combat game, World of Warships.